Chapman House — Nantucket, MA

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Chapman House — Nantucket, MA

On an island known for its grey-shingled dwellings and "Nantucket red" pants, the newly renovated Chapman House stands out as the perfect marriage of coastal cool and historical elegance.

As the sister property of The Veranda House within the Lark Hotel group, we felt it was important to carry on the retro chic branding that has been so successful at The Veranda House and really set that distinctive property apart from other more traditional Nantucket lodging options. As such, trademark Veranda features such as the dark grey molding and black, white, and red color palette anchor the new design. However, in a bid to give each property its own unique identity, Chapman House has a more hip edge with a strong focus on design in all 11 uniquely sized and decorated rooms.

Departing from the more sophisticated and demure shade of eggplant used as the signature accent color at The Veranda House, Chapman House stands out with a rich turquoise shade mixed in with the overall black, white, and red color scheme, creating a bolder and more vibrant atmosphere.

With a deep respect for Nantucket's coastal heritage, the seaside vibe is carried subtly throughout the space with accents such as sea grass rugs, coral light fixtures, and understated nautical elements.